IRS Updates and the Recovery Rebate Credit

To say that it’s been a chaotic couple of years at the IRS is a bit of an understatement. While many Americans have experienced frustration with the nation’s taxation agency due to a lack of timeliness or accessibility to have questions answered, it hasn’t been for lack of effort. During the pandemic, the IRS was […]

How to Avoid Delayed 2022 Tax Returns

To avoid having their return delayed for weeks or even months, there are a couple of things taxpayers can do to ensure a speedy return. File as soon as possible, file electronically, and ensure your documents are completely free of any inconsistencies. While the IRS has stated that most 2021 tax returns should be processed […]

Learn About Your 941-x Tax Refund

The employee retention credit (ERC) is one of the updated tax laws that came into being as a result of the CARES Act in the beginning of the COVID crisis of 2020. The purpose behind this new tax break was to make keeping employees on the payroll a more attractive idea to business owners that […]

IRS: How to Find Your Way out of the Jungle

IRS. These are the three scariest letters in the American business lexicon. Are you hesitant to file your tax returns? Do you think you are over paying or under paying the IRS? The fact is that IRS problems happen to most businesses because they do not know how to keep accurate records or how to […]