Why You Should Go Paperless

If you run a business, you know how fast documents can accumulate and pile up. Sorting through this mess is both inefficient and costly. Technology is now available for your business to embrace paperless document management. Stop wasting any more time stressing about the pile of papers on your desk, see what going paperless may be able to do for you.

There is an obvious drop in costs when you opt for paperless document management. The cost of paper, ink and the storage facilities to house everything can add up quickly. If you go paperless, you can say farewell to those unnecessary costs and reap the benefits of vast improvements in efficiency and revenues. 

It is very easy to lose an important document that may have been misfiled. However, finding a  document through paperless document management is a breeze. All of your information can be stored on your computer. Simply open up the file folder on your computer and access the information you need. Paperless document management is the wave of the future. This concept can easily transform the way you run your business by increasing efficiency and decreasing waste all at the same time. The end result could be your business is better positioned than your competition for growth and profits.

The fast track to paperless document management is the computerization of your business, the proper utilization of QuickBooks software and the outsourcing of business functions that don’t drive sales such as accounting, bookkeeping and payroll to a professional bookkeeping or accounting service. QuickBooks has proven to be the best software available. Over 83% of small and medium businesses use “QuickBooks.” Outsourcing your bookkeeping and payroll to an experienced firm can help you utilize QuickBooks financial reports to their full potential in guiding your management decision making process. 

The author: Dawn Contardi, owner of Sharp Bookkeeping Service, a Certified QuickBooks ProAdvisor and a member of the American Institute of Professional Bookkeepers with 25 years of experience can be reached at 732-458-3800 or contact us.