What Business Entity Means: Learn Today

What business entity means is important to know before starting a business or deciding to restructure your business. Most people think of the words “business,” “company,” or “corporation” as essentially interchangeable, but differences do exist. Depending on what type of business you operate, how many people you employ, if any, and your plans for future growth, […]

Will NJ Businesses Get New Legislative Tax Cuts?

Two bills are currently going through the NJ State Senate that could halt the increase in the unemployment tax (UI) and reduce property taxes for businesses. S733 would combat the UI increase, and S330 would provide businesses some relief that homeowners recently received. As we discussed in a post this past December, New Jersey increased […]

Will NJ See a Gas Tax Holiday?

New Jerseyans and Americans across the nation are feeling the economic effects of the Ukrainian at the gas pump. The country has seen gas prices rise an average of $1.00 per gallon this month as markets respond to international uncertainty and President Biden’s executive order banning all Russian oil imports. While gas prices have been […]

IRS Updates and the Recovery Rebate Credit

To say that it’s been a chaotic couple of years at the IRS is a bit of an understatement. While many Americans have experienced frustration with the nation’s taxation agency due to a lack of timeliness or accessibility to have questions answered, it hasn’t been for lack of effort. During the pandemic, the IRS was […]

New State Program Helps With Delinquent Mortgages

New Jersey has announced the new Emergency Rescue Mortgage Assistance program (ERMA). This program can grant up to a $35,000 forgivable loan to NJ homeowners who have fallen behind on mortgage or property tax payments due to the COVID crisis. Topics chosen for our blog often deal with information that pertains to business owners and […]

What is the NJ Plastic Ban? Avoid Fines and Know New Rules

New Jersey’s Ban on single-use plastics is going into full effect on May 4th, 2022. Foodservice and retail industries will be the most affected as a keystone of their service model, providing customers plastic to hold their food or goods, will soon be a fineable offense. For most New Jerseyians, this will be a minor […]

Supreme Court Ruling On Biden’s Vaccine Mandate

It’s been a chaotic, topsy-turvy couple of years for NJ business owners as well as business owners across the nation. One of the biggest recent concerns for the business community was the Biden administration’s announcement of a vaccine mandate back in September of 2020. As was to be expected, this executive order made its way […]

NJ Minimum Wage Increase Starts Jan. 1st

Business owners in the Garden State need to be aware that the minimum wage for many jobs will be increasing starting on January 1st. Most NJ workers getting paid minimum wage will see a full dollar increase in their hourly pay. This isn’t exactly breaking news, as this increase was signed into law by Gov. […]

The Latest News About Biden Vaccine Mandate

There has been confusion surrounding the Biden administration’s vaccine mandate since the President first announced it in early September of this year. We discussed this in a blog post immediately after it was announced. Sadly, but not surprisingly, the information we provided in September might as well be ancient history, as plenty has occurred in […]

New Cash Grants for New Jersey Small Businesses

Perhaps the Governor read our recent article in which we questioned the efficacy of his Return and Earn program because this week, Gov. Murphy announced new funding for a program that could make a big difference for small business lessees. 10.2 million dollars was allocated to the Small Business Lease Emergency Assistance Grant Program (SBL-EAGP). […]