How to Do Payroll Yourself: New Jersey’s Guide

How to do payroll yourself? We want to help you learn! New Jerseyans are proud, independent, and hardworking. If you have decided to start running your own payroll, our hats are off to you. We’re happy to give you some tips to get you started on the path to payroll independence. This might seem strange […]

Important Apps & Platforms to Remember This Tax Season

In the Garden State and across the country as a whole, tax day is almost upon us. For many, it is a day associated with stress and frustration. While there’s nothing you can do to eliminate the complexity of the US tax code, there are some things you can do to make sure you’ve covered […]

Will NJ Businesses Get New Legislative Tax Cuts?

Two bills are currently going through the NJ State Senate that could halt the increase in the unemployment tax (UI) and reduce property taxes for businesses. S733 would combat the UI increase, and S330 would provide businesses some relief that homeowners recently received. As we discussed in a post this past December, New Jersey increased […]

Will NJ See a Gas Tax Holiday?

New Jerseyans and Americans across the nation are feeling the economic effects of the Ukrainian at the gas pump. The country has seen gas prices rise an average of $1.00 per gallon this month as markets respond to international uncertainty and President Biden’s executive order banning all Russian oil imports. While gas prices have been […]

IRS Updates and the Recovery Rebate Credit

To say that it’s been a chaotic couple of years at the IRS is a bit of an understatement. While many Americans have experienced frustration with the nation’s taxation agency due to a lack of timeliness or accessibility to have questions answered, it hasn’t been for lack of effort. During the pandemic, the IRS was […]

Understanding What is the ANCHOR Property Tax Program

While the State Senate is making progress on addressing bracket creep to lower state income taxes, Governor Murphy just announced his own tax-cutting proposal yesterday. The Gov. announced that his 2023 budget proposal would include the ANCHOR property tax program. This would provide relief to owners and renters. Property taxes are a long-standing issue in […]

Learn About Potential New NJ Tax Cut

There are currently legislative discussions about changing New Jersey’s system collecting state income tax. As inflation has become a rising concern for citizens across the Garden State and the nation, some voices are trying to prevent taxpayers from getting hit with a silent tax. New Jersey is a great state for many reasons. We’ve got […]

How to Avoid Delayed 2022 Tax Returns

To avoid having their return delayed for weeks or even months, there are a couple of things taxpayers can do to ensure a speedy return. File as soon as possible, file electronically, and ensure your documents are completely free of any inconsistencies. While the IRS has stated that most 2021 tax returns should be processed […]

Save Money and Increase Profits With This Tax Credit

New Jersey business owners can save on their taxes through programs and subsidies if they know where to look for them. Unfortunately, information for these programs isn’t always well known or publicized, so it requires research to discover what’s available. NJ and the US have one major thing in common; state and federal tax codes […]

Increased Child Tax Credit Might Cost You in 2022

There’s no such thing as a free lunch, and nowhere is this truer than at the IRS. Earlier in the year, I wrote an article about understanding the increases to the child tax credit as part of the American Rescue Plan. It appears that for some Americans and New Jerseyans, it was too good to […]